About Us

Nick & Victoria Broccolo, Founders of Renovision Properties

In 2007, Nick and Victoria Broccolo founded Renovision Properties, with a passion for historic preservation and a goal of bringing new purpose and life to forgotten and neglected homes in some of the Triangle’s oldest (yet undervalued) neighborhoods. Renovision Properties is the product of Nick’s life work in construction and home renovation and Victoria’s passion for historic preservation and beautiful design.

Nick Broccolo is a Licensed General Contractor and Licensed Home Inspector (Broccolo Home Inspections) with over 20 years of professional residential construction experience, but his career can actually be traced back to his childhood. As early as age six, you could find him working alongside his father, a master mason, in their family masonry business.

At 18, while obtaining a degree in Architectural Technology, Nick took over the family masonry business which flourished until 2005 when he and Victoria moved to North Carolina for exciting new adventures.

After a brief career with America’s Home Place, a scattered lot, custom home builder in the Triangle, where he was promoted through the ranks from Construction Superintendent to Senior Project Manager in just three years, Nick decided it was time to chase his dream and Renovision Properties was born.

Victoria Broccolo, is a real estate agent who can find beauty and potential around any corner! 10 years as a classical ballet dancer taught her the value of discipline, attention to detail, and how to find grace in everyday life. She attended New York University where she earned a degree in Liberal Arts and then set out to make the world a more beautiful place.

Fast forward to the countless hours she and husband, Nick, spent driving around New York’s historic districts admiring the old architecture (while also trying to get the crying baby to sleep), and their shared passion for historic preservation planted a seed for what would become their mutual life’s work.

Victoria has honed her skills in maintaining historically appropriate finishes that mingle seamlessly with modern design trends making Renovision Properties’ projects stand out in the crowd of historic preservation work in the NC Triangle. She has limitless energy for finding just the right details to make sure every neglected house on their watch comes to life with dream-home potential!